Company Missions

To provide safe and durable medical devices made of polyimide MP-1 to improve life quality of patients.


Hip and Knee Implants
Dental implants
Cardiovascular applications:

valves, stents, pacemakers …

Urology applications:

stents and bearings

Ear Nose and Throat applications:

very small middle ear bones

Medical applications:

MRI surgeries devices such as non-magnetic surgical knives

Fixation devices:

screws and pins

spacer for spine

Veterinary (animal implants)


Firms producing orthopedic implants
Privet Doctors and medical facilities
Hospitals, surgical facilities, etc.


Manufacturing of the raw material (powder), compression molding (heat and pressure) and CNC imachning of the bulk, or direct compression molding to near-net-shape and finishing to form of the implant.

The company (M.M.A.TECH Ltd.), developed medical implants based on an advanced polymeric material. The company produces the polymer, pressure- molds it to final shape or machine it from a block according to drawings designed by MMATech, and then sterilize and implant it. The company has determined biocompatibility, mechanical and physical properties of the MP1 polymer and surface treatment. The product is aimed towards various implants for humans and animals.


Patents covering the preparation of the polymer exist.
Patent covering the application and technology for production of medical devices exists.


The worldwide market for orthopedic implants is in the vicinity of $23.8 Billion and is growing at a rate of 8-10% per year.
The market for Total Hip Replacement is approximately $6.3 Billion (About $12K-$15K for each implant).
The market for Total Knee Replacement is estimated as $8.2 Billion (About $12K-$13K for each implant).

There are 2 patents and a trade secret covering the polymer MP1. There is a proved use in the medical field only in THR .

IMPLANTS for medical use such as acetabular cup (part of HIP implant). Planned use in dental and trauma applications.