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Business Summary:

MP-1 is a polyimide with unique properties that was originally developed by the company founders and NASA for space applications. It is bio-compatible and was already granted with CE.

Customer Problem:

Titanium which is the most widely used material today for dental structures and implants poses many problems: thermal conductivity (hot and cold feeling), corrosion, black color (esthetic), no shock absorption, allergenic, ionization and there are concerns about its carcinogenetic.

Moreover, the dentist needs to send the implant to special processing in a lab in order to adapt it to the patient mouth – this requires additional patient visit and added costs.

The MP-1™material properties solve all these problems and also allow the dentist to adapt the implant in his clinic by himself.

Target Market:

The global dental implants market is set to grow from $3.4 billion in 2011 to $6.6 billion in 2018, owing to technological advancements and the aging population worldwide. The market is mainly driven by growing concerns about oral hygiene, increasing life expectancy and the availability of advanced solutions for dental implants based on digital dentistry, which increases procedure efficiency and reduces the incidence of adverse outcomes. There is an increasing preference for dental implants as a treatment option over conventional devices such as crowns, bridges or dentures.


Customers include: Existing manufacturers/distributors as an OEM complementary component in their kit. Customers : Biomet 3i, Dentsply Int., Nobel Biocare, Osstem Implants, Straumann, Zimmer, MIS

MP1 dental screw


MP1 abutment


Abutment Fatigue test

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Abutment MP1 raw material in various colors


Dental MP1 screws


Flexural tests