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Israeli space age material used in pioneering hip, knee replacement

Haifa’s Rambam hospital utilizes polymer developed by Nahariya start-up for NASA to replace bone tip in orthopedic surgery

By TOI STAFF  Times of Israel, 10 December 2017, 8:03 pm.











Dr. Daniel Levine performs innovative hip replacement surgery at Haifa’s Rambam hospital on December

10, 2017. (Piotr Felter)

As part of a pioneering new treatment, Haifa’s Rambam Medical Center used a material developed in Israel for NASA’s space program in orthopedic surgery, the hospital announced Sunday.

The advanced polymeric material is, according to the developer, “self-shielding, has high heat resistance, zero wear, high strength and light weight, all of which make it ideal for replacing worn joints,” reducing the likelihood of further operations as was the case when using materials that could crack over time.

The material, known as MP-1™, was originally developed by Alisa Buchman for the Nahariya-based start-up company M.M.A Tech, in collaboration with Rob Bryant of Virginia, US. It was intended to be used as a substitute for steel in the space industry, but the medical world also quickly realized its potential benefit.

The bearing made of the new material used in an operation in Haifa’s Rambam hospital on December 10, 2017. (Piotr Felter)

The first operation on humans using the new material was performed 12 years ago in New Zealand as part of a clinical trial. Three months ago Dr. Daniel Levine, Rambam’s joint service manager and specialist in hip replacement surgery, used MP1 in a hip replacement for a woman in her 60s. Recently it was also used as part of a knee replacement surgery on a 48-year-old woman from Yokne’am Illit.

“The goal is to give our patients the best treatment,” Levine said. “There is a development here that is still in the experimental stage, but on the face of it, it has properties that can give better results than existing materials.”

He explained that other materials used currently wear out quickly, requiring multiple surgeries.

“One of the problems with existing implants is wear and tear. Over time patients will have to undergo repeat surgery and replace the implant due to loosening and cracking,” he said. “The expectation of the new material is long-term durability and the possibility for patients to live with a better quality of life.”

Buchman was proud of the success of her discovery. “Our first recipient has been with the joint for 12 years without pain, and we are certainly encouraged by the results of the additional surgeries,” she said.

Due to the success of this new material, Buchman’s company received a research grant of €1.5 million ($1.8 million) to continue its development.

Interview with Alisa Buchman the CTO of MMA Tech Ltd.


First appearance on local TV channel 2

MMA Tech performed its first Total Hip Replacement implant in Israel !

MMA Tech performed its first Total Hip Replacement implant
in the 2nd Medical Center in Israel (the 1st one being in New Zealand).
The surgery was successfully performed in Rambam Hospital by Prof. Daniel Levine
on a 58 years old patient who was released home after 4 days.


Rambam Haifa hospital tests first Liner implant of MP-1™ for Total HIP Replacement

A woman patient who broke her hip passed successfully a hip implant with a new material invented by an Israeli startup company MMATech.













A 58-year old woman has become the first recipient of an Israeli-developed implant to treat hip  problems – a common condition for which there is no effective long-term solution (until now). The surgery was performed on September 6th at Rambam Health Care Campus, a medical center in Haifa, by orthopedic surgeon Prof. Daniel Levine.

The THR implant, includes 2 static parts – a stem and a cup and two dynamic rotating parts – a liner and a femoral ball, which usually wear within 10-15 years, resulting in the need for revision surgery. MMATech, an Israeli startup company in Nahariya, has developed a new Superior high performance plastic material which is self-lubricating and does not wear, creep nor fatigue. The tough new device is implanted as a replacement of the hip joint and can provide free motion for at least 25-30 years without failure. Therefore enabling surgeries in young people.

MP-1™ liner was implanted with 100% success in 74 patients in New Zealand for up-to 12 years in the body with no failure. Some patients were as young as 40 years old. The liner accepted CE and ISO and a Master File is registered at the FDA.

The patient was released from the hospital moving freely with no pain after 4 days.

The Israel Ministry of Health has authorized up to 15 clinical trials at Rambam center to test the efficacy of the new implant. Hearing of the success, Prof. Nimrod Rosen, head of orthopedic department of Haemek Hospital in Afula, intends to join too and is interested in implanting 50 more MP-1™ liners.

The potential market for the device is huge. It is estimated that more than 25 million people worldwide suffer from hip problems due to arthritis (aging), car accidents, army injuries and fall, conditions in which the person suffers from unbearable pain and limping.

Solutions implemented today include metal implants (causing metalosis), polyethylene (dimensional changes and wear with time) or ceramics (brittle) are less durable than MP-1™.

MMATech uses MP-1™ in several other applications such as dental implants, spine fusion cages, and trauma nails and screws (won a grant from Horizon 2020 “MP-ORIF”).

The MP-1™ technology originates from aerospace application and was developed for medical device applications by Alisa Buchman and Simha Sibony.

First THR implant in Israel with MP-1™ liner

Prof. Daniele Levine of Rambam Medical Center explains the benefit of MMA Tech’s MP-1™ revolutionary material.
























M.M.A.TECH Wins Substantial Horizon 2020 Grant

Haifa, March 7, 2017 – MMATECH Limited is delighted to announce that the
company has secured a substantial Horizon 2020 grant of EUR1.6 million from the
European Commission.


Certificate delivered by the European Commission as the
institution managing Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme
for Research and Innovation 2014-2020.



Date: August 29th, 2017
Location: Colony Hotel, Haifa, Israel
Project Coordinator: MMA Tech.




76th Annual Scientiefic Meeting (combined with New Zealand)

MMATech were presenented “The Life ScienceBaltic” conference held in Vilna,

Lithuania | 5.10.2016
The lecture to be presented: MP1TM, Clinical trial results of total hip replacement