Work package number 1 Lead beneficiary MMATECH
Work package title                   Optimization of functional properties of MP-1TM 
Participant number 1
Short name of participant MMATECH
Person/months per participant: 15
Start month M1 End month M8
O1.1 To evaluate the specific properties of MP-1TM for trauma according to regulatory requirements: plate thickness (goal 2.5 mm), polyaxial locking screws (up to 10° trajectory variation), screw holes that accommodate both locking and non-locking screws, improved bending properties.
D1.1 (M8) Report on MP-1 properties for trauma. All the results from evaluation of bending and fatigue properties as well as wear debris tissue testing after up to 6 weeks of injection. This report will define the specific properties of the MP-ORIF kit needed for its product development and industrial production.