Work package number 2 Lead beneficiary MMATECH
Work package title                   Nails and screws production 
Participant number 1
Short name of participant MMATECH
Person/months per participant: 13
Start month M3 End month M12
O2.1 To prepare a nail and screw by compression molding. The size of the nail will be in the order of 6 mm calibre with a 2 mm drilling in the middle up to 10 mm from the tip and a 1 mm drilling from then on to the tip. The length of the nail will be 70 to 90 mm. The inner screw will be 30 mm long and 1.8 mm diameter, this screw may be a regular or variable pitch screw.
D2.1 (M10) Report of nail and screw preparation. The report will include the design specifications and the characteristics of near-net shape mold needed for production of nails and screws for MP-ORIF.

D2.2 (M12) Work instructions for preparing a nail. The instructions will include product characteristics of the nails needed for their industrial production. This document will serve as basis for subsequent manufacturing of the nails.