Work package number 4 Lead beneficiary MMATECH
Work package title                   Multi-centre study 
Participant number 1
Short name of participant MMATECH
Person/months per participant: 13
Start month M12 End month M22
O4.1 To implant the nails in 2 additional centres (Germany or Denmark and Switzerland or UK)
D4.1 (M22) Multi-centre study clinical report. This repot will include all the activities done in this WP: the report on selection of medical centres and the 40 patients (including the record of all communication) as well as the MP-ORIF implant surgery reports and 6 months’ follow-up results.

D4.2 (M22) Multi-centre study CRA report. The report will include all the summarized statistics gathered at the follow-up revision and during the data management process.