Work package number 6 Lead beneficiary MMATECH
Work package title                   Exploitation and pre-commercialization 
Participant number 1
Short name of participant MMATECH
Person/months per participant: 12
Start month M10 End month M24
O6.1 To prepare for sales and marketing organization

O6.2 To implement the IPR strategy

O6.3 To update the commercialization plan

D6.1 (M24) Updated commercialization plan. The plan will include all the activities planned, done and foreseen in the future that are needed for a successful commercialization of MP-ORIF, including realistic past trading data and commercialization projections.

D6.2 (M24) IPR management report. Summary of the actions that were taken in order to protect the IPR concerning the knowledge generated during the project execution.

US Patent (published)

Improved Bone Fixation Devices, A. Eliaz, A. Buchman, MMATECH,

US-2019-0183545-A1 (July 2019).

EU Patent

Verbesserte Knochen Fixiere vor Richtungen, A. Eliaz, A. Buchman, MMATECH,

No.  3348288  EU (18/07/2018).