Work package number 7 Lead beneficiary MMATECH
Work package title                   Dissemination and communication 
Participant number 1
Short name of participant MMATECH
Person/months per participant: 12
Start month M1 End month M24
O7.1 To proactively disseminate all MP-ORIF related activities and results using the available means (web page, social media and networking events)
D7.1 (M1) Web page. Launch of a specialized section within www.mma-tech.com to present the MP-ORIF project, the product development, the clinical trials and provide visitors with all contact information for further enquiries.

D7.2 (M24) Report on the dissemination activities. The report will include all the descriptive statistics on the number of articles generated, number of article downloads, number of website visits, number of video visits, number of other dissemination events (e.g. personal communication, face-to-face opinion exchange).